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8 Pieces of Advice on How to Choose the Right IT Outsourcing Company
There are a lot of important factors to consider when you choosing an IT company. Therefore, based on 10+ years experience we have prepared for you a detailed guide: "8 Pieces of Advice on How to Choose the Right IT Outsourcing Company". It is our hope that these tips and tricks will guide you towards an effective collaboration where you are able to utilize IT outsourcing to boost your business.

A brief part from the guide is below.

What do you need to think about first, if you decided to work with a remote IT department? Even though the price is very important, when it comes to software outsourcing, you have to look beyond it. There are the most important signs of the right IT outsourcing provider:

1. Partnership mindset. You should understand whether outsourcing provider is ready to take responsibilities and work on your strategic business goals.
2. Relevant industry experience. Check how much relevant expertise the IT firm has. See what were their previous works and how they performed.
3. Innovative potential. Innovations should be at the heart of development. A middle size outsourcing company is more innovative, flexible and fast at adopting advanced technologies. Partners with innovation potential add extra value to your app`s structure giving you unique competitive advantages on a fast-growing market.
4. Technical skills. You should ensure that your partner uses cutting-edge facilities and sufficient infrastructure to handle the project. New technology does not mean the best. It is necessary to select technology and architecture optimally for the task.
5. Project management. IT company should focus on improving your value proposition: create MVP, get the tracking, insights and make time-to-market as short as possible...

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January, 16 / 2019
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