We were founded in 2009 and work from a very comfy office in Omsk, Russia. We have a fantastic team of developers, managers, and specialists with solid experience in web and software development.

We’re all passionate about what we do, and driven by the satisfaction of getting things right for our clients. We pride ourselves on our accessible atmosphere, both for our clients and for each other, as we believe that a creative environment encourages a constant exchange of knowledge and ideas.

We have a wealth of experience working with international, including young start-ups, established large companies, and national departments. If you want to know anything more just get in touch!

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Why work with us

Understanding requirements
In-depth planning
Flexible rates and agreements
Top quality standards and methodologies
Seamless integration with your business model
Long-term working relationships
Successful case studies
We’re awesome!

Meet the team

Maxim Co-Founder
Stepan Co-Founder
Evgeniya Senior Project Manager
Anna Financial director
Olga HR Manager
Vlad Frontend developer
Alexander Backend developer
Artur QA engineer
Ivan Backend developer
Aleksandr Backend developer
Dmitry Backend developer
Pavel Backend developer
Pavel Frontend developer
Yuri Backend developer
Dmitriy Backend developer
Viktor Backend developer
Yaroslav Backend developer
Vadim Backend developer
Dima Backend developer
Rinat Backend developer
Kirill Backend developer
Sergey Backend developer
Andrey Frontend developer
Maria QA engineer
Egor Web designer
Andrey Backend developer
Nikita Backend developer
Vladimir Backend developer
Regina QA engineer
Maksim Backend developer
Alexey Backend developer
Dmitriy Backend developer
Konstantin Frontend developer
Anna Аccountant
Ekaterina Business analyst
Nikita Backend developer
Irina HR assistant
Rodion Backend developer
Yana Backend developer
Anatols Backend developer
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Reviews our clients

London Los Angeles Barcelona NY Dublin
Mark Clarke CEO at Trainsmart

Burning Buttons analysed my needs and recommended first-class candidates to do our development work. The developer we chose is highly skilled, extremely diligent and hard working. Cost is very excellent I have to say that we have had an fantastic experience working with Burning Buttons and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for high quality developers.

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7 years on the market


in one room.... Our company was founded by four developers working on several projects together. After some time more people joined us to help with growing amount of work and after a year of cooperative work we decided to create a sales department

Office space

With increasing number of clients and projects we needed to grow. We hired more PHP/Drupal developers, Frontend developers and completed the team with administrative board, account managers. From 4 people working in small room we expanded into company working in the office in city center.

New team members joined the team
Top ranked company on Upwork (Odesk)
Big projects working on

Our company kept growing each month. We developed new values,strategies, trained our staff. It was the year of big changes for us and massive rebranding.

Ruby developers, the biggest Ruby department in the city
Events sponsored by Burning Buttons
Cups of coffee consumed per day

Doubled office space
Commits on GitHub and Bitbucket
Nights spent in the office for past 7 years

We'll be taken next steps to become the best development partner for our clients. We are working hard on improving our work process.