Oxana Tsyguleva, Internet Marketer
I have a startup idea, that will take over the world. How can an IT outsourcing company benefit me?
Both technical and non-technical CEOs of early-stage startups are faced with the same challenges: developing a first business model, hypothesis testing, fast growth, business pivoting, scaling, and going worldwide.

The key metrics and traction of your startup can be very changeable during these unstable times. That is why it will be very difficult to focus on the core of your business if you do not have a reliable internal IT department.

In this situation, an IT outsourcing company will help you by providing a remote IT department. The hard tech work will be delegated to the professionals with a high variety of technological tools (backend, frontend, UI/UX design, QA, business analytics) and comprehensive industrial expertise.

We offer specific IT solutions for every stage of a startup:

1. Wireframing, Proof-of-Concept, Prototyping;
2. MVP Development;
3. Rapid Development for Scaling Up;
4. Maintenance After Launching.

In the next posts, we will tell you more about each type of services. No matter how difficult it is at the beginning, you should know that you are not the only one. Many large tech companies (Opera, Slack, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Github) utilized outsourced development at the early stages before growing into multinational corporations.
February, 7 / 2019
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