Oxana Tsyguleva, Internet Marketer
Results of 2018
The last working day is the time to summarize and report on the New Year's party. This year we have done even more than planned, and much remains to be done. A few numbers: this year the company Burning Buttons is 9 years old, and our number has crossed the mark of 50 people.

One of the most important events of the year is, of course, the opening of a branch in St. Petersburg. We did not want to brag ahead of time, but we can already say that a tremendous amount of work had been done and a great team was assembled. And, of course, this is a huge incentive to move on.

We continue to be engaged in training. It is difficult to recall a time in the last year when we did not have interns in our office. We have already conducted three internships, the Ruby on Rails 2.0 school is in full swing, and the managerial one is being recruited. Training projects for 2019 have already been booked. We visited Web Summit 2018, there were many useful contacts, meetings, and inspiring moments.

We can continue to list the achievements, but we want to focus on the most important thing. This is a team in which everyone is individual, talented, true professionals and just good people. Great things are waiting for us in 2019, it cannot be any other way.

DECEMBER, 29 / 2018
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