Oxana Tsyguleva, Internet Marketer
When to Outsource: 3 Signs
The age-old question for entrepreneurs: is it better to build an IT department within the company or do they take it to IT outsourcing? There are 3 signs that you need to outsource your IT development:

1) When you have got complex high-level tasks. Outsourcing gives you borderless opportunities for recruiting. You can pick the best-dedicated team of professionals from the entire world specialized exactly for required specific, rare technology and frameworks.

2) When you need to scale your company faster. If you are a fast-growing startup, every single day of the hiring process is increasing the risk to be behind your competitors. The right outsourcing company allows you fast on-demand access to a large pool of high-quality developers.

3) When you do not want to overpay and mess with the bureaucracy. If you are starting a short project, desire to test hypotheses or prove a concept for startups, of course, you don't want to take risks and overpay for a big team and an office. Outsourcing IT experts on a project basis enable you to get help when you need it the most reducing your labor costs.

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December, 10 / 2018
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