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Oxana Tsyguleva, Internet Marketer
Web Summit 2018
We were so excited to visit Web Summit 2018. We were happy to make new friends and share over 10 years of experience on the web and software development.
The insights from leading companies at Web Summit:

1. Amazon AWS workshops were about building real-time interactive and multi-region applications in the cloud and discovering why Сhaos Engineering is important.
2. Atlassian`s team helped to build Jira`s backlog.
3. Spotify spoke about how he managed to change the music industry.
4. Microsoft AI reviewed about custom machine learning models with AzureML services, and what it's like to be at a startup bought by a huge company.
5. Bosch demonstrated the model of a city that using solar energy.

The most incredible breakthroughs in auto industry at Web Summit 2018.

1. Congratulations to Alex Kendall, Wayve's CEO from UK – the winner of the pitching battle. Wayve is pioneering AI software for autonomous cars.
2. Volkswagen develops a traffic management algorithm powered by quantum computers to improve road transport efficiency.
3. Startup Ecokart from Portugal converts petrol go-karts to electric and hybrid.
4. The FIA's "Action for Road Safety" campaign launched in support of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Technology is important, but it is not the most valuable thing at Web Summit. Technology alone could not have made such an impact on the world without the people behind it. The real fuel of innovations - great personalities. They are inspire us to move forward to transform the business of our clients with the power of web and software applications.

About Web Summit at first hand:

Maxim Tishchenko, CEO: «Web Summit is about openness in the dialogue among highly talented people. The future was created before our eyes: futuristic scientists set the vector for the development of technology for several years ahead. Three of the most discussed areas of innovation are travel insurance, sharing economy and chatbots (conversational like startups)».

Alexandra Tishchenko, COO: «Web Summit is about inspiration everywhere and in everything. It brought together all the latest technological innovations in one place. But there was another side: it would be better to do more than just talking about the representation of women in IT, the industry should also take active steps to invite female IT professionals to the stands».

Evgeniya Sitnikova, CPO: «Web Summit truly is a very valuable experience. It's not a perfect event and it's not for everybody, but if you set the right goals and expectations then you can really enjoy the people you meet there. I have met so many great startups in all stages from all over the world who have a great future, and who are all facing the same problems. This proves that we are living in a world where it's never been easier to start a company, but because of very high competition, it's never been harder to scale a company».

Thanks very much to the organizers for holding such the worldwide conference!
November, 13 / 2018
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